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All-bountiful Creator, who

  162. All is divine
  128. All tender lights, all hues divine
    24. And would'st thou reach, rash scholar mine
    31. Are these the tracks of some unearthly Friend
  120. As, when the hand some mimic form would paint


Banish'd the House of sacred rest
  158. Between two comrades dear
    45. Bide thou thy time
    17. Birthday gifts, with the early year
    18. Bloom, beloved Flower


Cease, Stranger, cease those piercing notes
    99. Christ bade His followers take the sword
  140. Come, Holy Ghost, who ever One
    20. Could I hit on a theme
  151. Creator of the starry pole


Day's herald bird
      4. Dear Frank, this morn has usher'd in
      9. Death was full urgent with thee, Sister dear
    92. Deep in his meditative bower
    75. Did we but see
  115. Do not their souls, who 'neath the Altar wait


Each trial has its weight; which, whoso bears
    33. Ere yet I left home's youthful shrine


Faint not, and fret not, for threaten'd woe
    12. Fair Cousin, thy page
  143. Father of Lights, by whom each day
  130. Father of mercies infinite
  131. Framer of the earth and sky
  113. France! I will think of thee as what thou wast


"Give any boon for peace"
  137. Glory of the eternal Heaven
  161. Green are the leaves, and sweet the flowers


Hark, a joyful voice is thrilling
  135. Haunting gloom and flitting shades
  173. Help, Lord, the souls which Thou hast made
    14. Hid are the saints of God
    49. How can I keep my Christmas feast
  103. How didst thou start, Thou Holy Baptist, bid
    53. How shall a child of God fulfil


I am a harp of many chords, and each
      7. I am rooted in the wall
  172. I ask not for fortune, for silken attire
    23. I bear upon my brow the sign
    89. I bow at Jesu's name, for 'tis the sign
    97. I dream'd that, with a passionate complaint
    62. I have been honour'd and obey'd
  117. I rise and raise my clasped hands to Thee
    56. I sat beneath an olive's branches grey
    57. I saw thee once, and nought discern'd
    59. If e'er I fall beneath Thy rod
      8. In childhood, when with eager eyes
  116. In service o'er the Mystic Feast I stand
  164. In the far North our lot is cast


Jesu, Maria—I am near to death


Ladies, well I deem, delight
    63. Latest born of Jesse's race
    90. Lead, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom
    52. Let heathens sing thy heathen praise
      2. Let the sun summon all his beams to hold
  124. Let us arise, and watch by night
  155. Light of the anxious heart
  163. Little maiden, dost thou pine
    15. Lord, in this dust Thy sovereign voice
  144. Lord of unbounded space


"Man goeth forth" with reckless trust
  112. Man is permitted much
    67. Many the guileless years the Patriarch spent
  129. May the dread Three in One, who sways
    76. Mid Balak's magic fires
    47. Mortal! if e'er thy spirits faint
    44. Moses, the patriot fierce, became
    54. My Father's hope! my childhood's dream
    39. My home is now a thousand miles away
  167. My oldest friend, mine from the hour
    30. My smile is bright, my glance is free


Now is the Autumn of the Tree of Life
  150. Now that the daylight dies away
  139. Now that the day-star glimmers bright


O aged Saint! far off I heard
    95. O comrade bold of toil and pain
    38. O Father, list a sinner's call
  126. O God from God, and Light from Light
  156. O God, of Thy soldiers
  142. O God, unchangeable and true
  141. O God, who canst not change nor fail
  147. O God, who hast given

O heart of fire! misjudged by wilful man

  118. O Holiest Truth! how have I lied to Thee
    74. O Holy Lord, who with the Children Three
    66. O Lord and Christ, Thy Children of the South
    41. O Lord! when sin's close-marshall'd line
  146. O Lord, who, thron'd in the holy height
    73. Oh! miserable power
  114. O piteous race
    29. O prophet, tell me not of peace
    65. O purest Symbol of the Eternal Son
    91. O rail not at our kindred in the North
    94. O, say not thou art left of God
      3. O that Thou wouldest rend the breadth of sky
    88. O that thy creed were sound
  157. O Thou, of shepherds Prince and Head
  154. O ye who seek the Lord
  133. Of the Father Effluence bright
    27. Once, as I brooded o'er my guilty state
  109. Once cast with men of language strange
  174. Once, o'er a clear, calm pool
    80. One only, of God's messengers to man


Paler have grown the shades of night
    87. Peace-loving man, of humble heart and true
  166. Philip, on thee the glowing ray
    35. Poor wand'rers, ye are sore distress'd
    98. Prune thou thy words, the thoughts control


Say, hast thou track'd a traveller's round
    25. Say, who is he in deserts seen
    70. Secure in his prophetic strength
  136. See, the golden dawn is glowing
    10. She is not gone;—still in our sight
  125. Sleep has refresh'd our limbs, we spring
  119. Some one whisper'd yesterday
    78. Souls of the just, I call not you
  152. Supernal Word, proceeding from


The Angel-lights of Christmas morn
  108. The ark of God has hidden strength
    51. The better portion didst thou choose, Great Heart
    82. The Church shone brightly in her youthful days
  138. The dawn is sprinkled o'er the sky
    79. "The Fathers are in dust, yet live to God"
  165. The holy Monks, conceal'd from men
  170. The number of Thine own complete
  149. The red sun is gone
    96. The time has been, it seem'd a precept plain

The world has cycles in its course, when all

      1. There is in stillness oft a magic power
  110. There is not on the earth a soul so base
  160. There sat a Lady
    21. There stray'd awhile, amid the woods of Dart
  122. They are at rest
    32. They do but grope in learning's pedant round
  171. This is the Saint of gentleness and kindness
  176. Thou champion high

Thou to wax fierce

    55. Thrice bless'd are they, who feel their loneliness
    42. Thy words are good, and freely given
    60. Time was, I shrank from what was right
    19. Tis long, dear Annie, since we met
  123. Today the Blessed Three in One
  104. Two brothers freely cast their lot
    43. Tyre of the West, and glorying in the name


Unveil, O Lord, and on us shine
    50. Unwearied God, before whose face


We are not children of a guilty sire
    13. Weep not for me
  168. Weep not for me, when I am gone
    64. What time my heart unfolded its fresh leaves
    86. When first earth's rulers welcomed home
  102. When first God stirr'd me, and the Church's word
    72. When Heaven sends sorrow
    84. When I am sad, I say
  111. When I look back upon my former race
  107. When I sink down in gloom or fear
    85. When I would search the truths that in me burn
    68. When mirth is full and free
    48. When royal Truth, released from mortal throes

Whence is this awe, by stillness spread

    28. Whene'er across this sinful flesh of mine
  105. Whene'er goes forth Thy dread command
  169. Where are the Islands of the Blest?
    22. Where'er I roam in this fair English land
  121. While Moses on the mountain lay
  127. Who madest all and dost control
  148. Whom all obey
    16. Why, dear Cousin, why
  101. Why loiterest within Simon's walls
    71. Why, wedded to the Lord, still yearns my heart

"Woe's me!" the peaceful prophet cried


Ye cannot halve the Gospel of God's grace

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