145. Vespers—Tuesday

Telluris alme conditor.

ALL-BOUNTIFUL Creator, who,
    When Thou didst mould the world, didst drain
The waters from the mass, that so
    Earth might immovable remain;

That its dull clods it might transmute
    To golden flowers in vale or wood,
To juice of thirst allaying fruit,
    And grateful herbage spread for food;

Wash Thou our smarting wounds and hot,
    In the cool freshness of Thy grace;
Till tears start forth the past to blot,
    And cleanse and calm Thy holy place; {253}

Till we obey Thy full behest,
    Shun the world's tainted touch and breath,
Joy in what highest is and best.
    And gain a spell to baffle death.

Grant it, O Father, Only Son,
    And Holy Spirit, God of grace;
To whom all glory, Three in One,
    Be given in every time and place.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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