152. Advent—Matins

Verbum supernum prodiens.

SUPERNAL Word, proceeding from
    The Eternal Father's breast,
And in the end of ages come,
    To aid a world distrest;

Enlighten, Lord, and set on fire
    Our spirits with Thy love,
That, dead to earth, they may aspire
    And live to joys above.

That, when the judgment-seat on high
    Shall fix the sinner's doom,
And to the just a glad voice cry,
    Come to your destined home; {265}

Safe from the black and yawning lake
    Of restless, endless pain,
We may the face of God partake,
    The bliss of heaven attain.

To God the Father, God the Son,
    And Holy Ghost, to Thee,
As heretofore, when time is done,
    Unending glory be.

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