19. Kind Remembrances

'Tis long, dear Annie, since we met,
   Yet deem not that my heart,
For all that absence, can forget
   A kinsman's pious part.

How oft on thee, a sufferer mild,
   My kindly thoughts I turn,
He knows, upon whose altar piled
   The prayers of suppliants burn.

I love thy name, admiring all
   Thy sacred heaven-sent pain;
I love it, for it seems to call
   The Lost to earth again.

Can I forget, she to thy need
   Her ministry supplied,
Who now, from mortal duty freed,
   Serves at the Virgin's side? {58}

What would'st thou more? Upon thy head
   A two-fold grace is pour'd;—
Both in thyself, and for the dead,
   A witness of thy Lord!

March, 1831.

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