127. Matins—Wednesday

Rerum Creator optime.

WHO madest all and dost control,
    Lord, with Thy touch divine,
Cast out the slumbers of the soul,
    The rest that is not Thine.

Look down, Eternal Holiness,
    And wash the sins away,
Of those, who, rising to confess,
    Outstrip the lingering day.

Our hearts and hands by night, O Lord,
    We lift them in our need;
As holy Psalmists give the word,
    And holy Paul the deed. {219}

Each sin to Thee of years gone by,
    Each hidden stain lies bare;
We shrink not from Thine awful eye,
    But pray that Thou wouldst spare.

Grant this, O Father, etc.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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