133. Lauds—Monday

Splendor Paternę glorię.

OF the Father Effluence bright,
    Out of Light evolving light,
Light from Light, unfailing Ray,
    Day creative of the day:

Truest Sun, upon us stream
    With Thy calm perpetual beam,
In the Spirit's still sunshine
    Making sense and thought divine.

Seek we too the Father's face,
    Father of almighty grace,
And of majesty excelling,
    Who can purge our tainted dwelling;
Who can aid us, who can break
    Teeth of envious foes, and make
Hours of loss and pain succeed,
    Guiding safe each duteous deed,

And infusing self-control,
    Fragrant chastity of soul,
Faith's keen flame to soar on high,
    Incorrupt simplicity.

Christ Himself for food be given,
    Faith become the cup of Heaven,
Out of which the joy is quaff'd
    Of the Spirit's sobering draught.

With that joy replenishčd,
    Morn shall glow with modest red,
Noon with beaming faith be bright,
    Eve be soft without twilight.

It has dawn'd;—upon our way,
    Father in Thy Word, this day,
In Thy Father Word Divine,
    From Thy cloudy pillar shine. {232}

To the Father, and the Son,
    And the Spirit, Three and One,
As of old, and as in Heaven,
    Now and here be glory given.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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