55. Melchizedek

"Without father, without mother, without descent; having
neither beginning of days, nor end of life."

THRICE bless'd are they, who feel their loneliness;
    To whom nor voice of friends nor pleasant scene
    Brings aught on which the sadden'd heart can
Yea, the rich earth, garb'd in her daintiest dress
Of light and joy, doth but the more oppress,
    Claiming responsive smiles and rapture high;
    Till, sick at heart, beyond the veil they fly,
Seeking His Presence, who alone can bless.
Such, in strange days, the weapons of Heaven's
When, passing o'er the high-born Hebrew line,
He moulds the vessel of His vast design;
Fatherless, homeless, reft of age and place,
Sever'd from earth, and careless of its wreck,
Born through long woe His rare Melchizedek.

January 5, 1833.

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