131. Lauds—Sunday

Ęterne rerum conditor.

FRAMER of the earth and sky,
    Ruler of the day and night,
With a glad variety,
    Tempering all, and making light;

Gleams upon our dark path flinging,
    Cutting short each night begun,
Hark! for chanticleer is singing,
    Hark! he chides the lingering sun.

And the morning star replies,
    And lets loose the imprison'd day;
And the godless bandit flies
    From his haunt and from his prey.
Shrill it sounds, the storm relenting
    Soothes the weary seaman's ears;
Once it wrought a great repenting,
    In that flood of Peter's tears.

Rouse we; let the blithesome cry
    Of that bird our hearts awaken;
Chide the slumberers as they lie,
    And arrest the sin-o'ertaken.

Hope and health are in his strain,
    To the fearful and the ailing;
Murder sheathes his blade profane,
    Faith revives when faith was failing.

Jesu, Master! when we sin,
    Turn on us Thy healing face;
It will melt the offence within
    Into penitential grace:

Beam on our bewilder'd mind,
    Till its dreamy shadows flee;
Stones cry out where Thou hast shined,
    Jesu! musical with Thee. {228}

To the Father and the Son,
    And the Spirit, who in Heaven
Ever witness, Three and One,
    Praise on Earth be ever given.

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