81. Warfare

"Freely ye have received; freely give."

          "GIVE any boon for peace!
Why should our fair-eyed Mother e'er engage
In the world's course and on a troubled stage,
From which her very call is a release?
          No! in thy garden stand,
          And tend with pious hand
          The flowers thou plantest there,
          Which are thy proper care,
O man of God! in meekness and in love,
And waiting for the blissful realms above."

          Alas! for thou must learn,
Thou guileless one! rough is the holy hand;
Runs not the Word of Truth through every land,
A sword to sever, and a fire to burn? {142}
          If blessèd Paul had stay'd
          In cot or learned shade,
          With the priest's white attire,
          And the Saints' tuneful choir,
Men had not gnash'd their teeth, nor risen to slay,
          But thou hadst been a heathen in thy day.

June 3, 1833.

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