176. St. Michael

{321} (A Hymn.)

                THOU champion high
            Of Heaven's imperial Bride,
        For ever waiting on her eye,
    Before her onward path, and at her side,
In war her guard secure, by night her ready guide!

                To thee was given,
            When those false angels rose
        Against the Majesty of Heaven,
    To hurl them down the steep, and on them close
The prison where they roam in hopeless unrepose.

                Thee, Michael, thee,
            When sight and breathing fail,
        The disembodied soul shall see;
    The pardon'd soul with solemn joy shall hail,
When holiest rites are spent, and tears no more avail.
                And thou, at last,
            When Time itself must die,
        Shalt sound that dread and piercing blast,
    To wake the dead, and rend the vaulted sky,
And summon all to meet the Omniscient Judge on high.

The Oratory

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