135. Lauds—Wednesday

Nox et tenebrę et nubila.

HAUNTING gloom and flitting shades,
    Ghastly shapes, away!
Christ is rising, and pervades
    Highest Heaven with day.

He with His bright spear the night
    Dazzles and pursues;
Earth wakes up, and glows with light
    Of a thousand hues.

Thee, O Christ, and Thee alone,
    With a single mind,
We with chant and plaint would own:
    To Thy flock be kind. {236}

Much it needs Thy light divine,
    Spot and stain to clean;
Light of Angels, on us shine
    With Thy face serene.

To the Father, and the Son,
    And the Holy Ghost,
Here be glory, as is done
    By the angelic host.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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