102. The Wrath to Come

"From His mouth came out a sharp two-edged sword."

WHEN first God stirr'd me, and the Church's word
    Came as a theme of reverent search and fear,
    It little cost to own the lustre clear
Of truths she taught, and rite and rule she stored;
For conscience craved, and reason did accord.
    Yet one there was that wore a mien austere,
    And I did doubt, and, startled, ask'd to hear
Whose mouth had force to edge so sharp a sword.
My mother oped her trust, the holy Book;
And heal'd my pang. She pointed, and I found
Christ on Himself, considerate Master, took
The utterance of that doctrine's fearful sound.
The Fount of Love His servants sends to tell
Love's deeds; Himself reveals the sinner's hell.

Off Sardinia
June 21, 1833.

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