129. Matins—Friday

Tu Trinitatis Unitas.

MAY the dread Three in One, who sways
    All with His sovereign might,
Accept us for this hymn of praise,
    His watchers in the night.

For in the night, when all is still
    We spurn our bed and rise,
To find the balm for ghostly ill,
    His bounteous hand supplies.

If e'er by night our envious foe
    With guilt our souls would stain,
May the deep streams of mercy flow,
    And make us white again; {223}

That so with bodies braced and bright,
    And hearts awake within,
All fresh and keen may burn our light,
    Undimm'd, unsoil'd by sin.

Shine on Thine own, Redeemer sweet!
    Thy radiance increate
Through the long day shall keep our feet
    In their pure morning state.

Grant this, O Father, etc.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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