144. Vespers—Monday

Immense cœli conditor.

    LORD of unbounded space,
        Who, lest the sky and main
Should mix, and heaven should lose its place,
        Didst the rude waters chain;

    Parting the moist and rare,
        That rills on earth might flow
To soothe the angry flame, whene'er
        It ravens from below;

    Pour on us of Thy grace
        The everlasting spring;
Lest our frail steps renew the trace
        Of the ancient wandering. {251}

    May faith in lustre grow,
        And rear her star in heaven,
Paling all sparks of earth below,
        Unquench'd by damps of even.

    Grant it, O Father, Son,
        And Holy Spirit of grace,
To whom be glory, Three in One,
        In every time and place.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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