52. The Greek Fathers

LET heathen sing thy heathen praise,
Fall'n Greece! the thought of holier days
    In my sad heart abides;
For sons of thine in Truth's first hour
Were tongues and weapons of His power,
Born of the Spirit's fiery shower,
    Our fathers and our guides.

All thine is Clement's varied page;
And Dionysius, ruler sage,
    In days of doubt and pain;
And Origen with eagle eye;
And saintly Basil's purpose high
To smite imperial heresy,
    And cleanse the Altar's stain. {103}

From thee the glorious preacher came,
With soul of zeal and lips of flame,
    A court's stern martyr-guest;
And thine, O inexhaustive race!
Was Nazianzen's heaven-taught grace;
And royal-hearted Athanase,
    With Paul's own mantle blest.

Off Zante
December 28, 1832.

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