125. Matins—Monday

Somno refectis artubus.

SLEEP has refresh'd our limbs, we spring
    From off our bed, and rise;
Lord, on Thy suppliants, while they sing,
    Look with a Father's eyes.

Be Thou the first on every tongue,
    The first in every heart;
That at all our doings all day long,
    Holiest! from Thee may start.

Cleanse Thou the gloom, and bid the light
    Its healing beams renew;
The sins, which have crept in with night,
    With night shall vanish too. {216}

Our bosoms, Lord, unburthen Thou,
    Let nothing there offend;
That those who hymn Thy praises now
    May hymn them to the end.

Grant this, O Father, Only Son,
    And Spirit, God of grace,
To whom all worship shall be done
    In every time and place.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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