123. Matins—Sunday

{212} [Note]
Primo die, quo Trinitas.

TODAY the Blessed Three in One
    Began the earth and skies;
Today a Conqueror, God the Son,
    Did from the grave arise;
We too will wake, and, in despite
Of sloth and languor, all unite,
As Psalmists bid, through the dim night,
    Waiting with wistful eyes.

So may He hear, and heed each vow
    And prayer to Him addrest;
And grant an instant cleansing now,
    A future glorious rest. {213}
So may He plentifully shower,
On all who hymn His love and power,
In this most still and sacred hour,
    His sweetest gifts and best.

Father of purity and light!
    Thy presence if we win,
'Twill shield us from the deeds of night,
    The burning darts of sin;
Lest aught defiled or dissolute
Relax our bodies or imbrute,
And fires eternal be the fruit
    Of fire now lit within.

Fix in our hearts, Redeemer dear,
    The ever-gushing spring
Of grace to cleanse, of life to cheer
    Souls sick and sorrowing.
Thee, bounteous Father, we entreat,
And Only Son, awful and sweet,
And life-creating Paraclete,
    The everlasting King.

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These Hymns are all free translations, made in
1836-8, from the Roman Breviary, except two,
which are from the Parisian.
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