48. The Course of Truth

"Him God raised up the third day, and showed Him openly,
not to all the people, but unto witnesses chosen before of God."

WHEN royal Truth, released from mortal throes,
Burst His brief slumber, and triumphant rose,
             Ill had the Holiest sued
             A patron multitude,
    Or courted Tetrarch's eye, or claim'd to rule
By the world's winning grace, or proofs from learned school.

But, robing Him in viewless air, He told
His secret to a few of meanest mould;
             They in their turn imparted
             The gift of men pure-hearted,
    While the brute many heard His mysteries high,
As some strange fearful tongue, and crouch'd, they knew not why.
Still is the might of Truth, as it has been:
Lodged in the few, obey'd, and yet unseen.
             Rear'd on lone heights, and rare,
             His saints their watch-flame bear,
    And the mad world sees the wide-circling blaze,
Vain searching whence it streams, and how to quench its rays.

December 24, 1832.

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