45. The Patient Church

          BIDE thou thy time!
Watch with meek eyes the race of pride and crime,
Sit in the gate, and be the heathen's jest,
          Smiling and self-possest.
O thou, to whom is pledged a victor's sway,
          Bide thou the victor's day!

          Think on the sin [Note 1]
That reap'd the unripe seed, and toil'd to win
Foul history-marks at Bethel and at Dan;
          No blessing, but a ban;
Whilst the wise Shepherd [Note 2] hid his heaven-told fate,
          Nor reck'd a tyrant's hate.

          Such loss is gain;
Wait the bright Advent that shall loose thy chain! {93}
E'en now the shadows break, and gleams divine
          Edge the dim distant line.
When thrones are trembling, and earth's fat ones quail,
          True Seed! thou shalt prevail!

Off Algiers
December 20, 1832.

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2. David.
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