80. Day-Labourers

"And He said, It is finished."

ONE only, of God's messengers to man,
Finish'd the work of grace, which He began;
E'en Moses wearied upon Nebo's height,
       Though loth to leave the fight
With the doom'd foe, and yield the sun-bright land
       To Joshua's armèd hand.

And David wrought in turn a strenuous part,
Zeal for God's house consuming him in heart;
And yet he might not build, but only bring
       Gifts for the Heavenly King;
And these another rear'd, his peaceful son,
       Till the full work was done.

List, Christian warrior! thou, whose soul is fain
To rid thy Mother of her present chain;— {140}
Christ will avenge His Bride; yea, even now
       Begins the work, and thou
Shalt spend in it thy strength, but, ere He save,
       Thy lot shall be the grave.

June 2, 1833.

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