100. Vexations

    EACH trial has its weight; which, whoso bears
        Knows his own woe, and need of succouring
        The martyr's hope half wipes away the trace
    Of flowing blood; the while life's humblest cares
Smart more, because they hold in Holy Writ no

    This be my comfort, in these days of grief,
        Which is not Christ's, nor forms heroic
        Apart from Him, if not a sparrow fail,
    May not He pitying view, and send relief
When foes or friends perplex, and peevish thoughts
            prevail? {172}

    Then keep good heart, nor take the niggard
        Of Thomas, who must see ere he would trust.
        Faith will fill up God's word, not poorly just
    To the bare letter, heedless of its force,
But walking by its light amid earth's sun and dust.

Off Sardinia
June 21, 1833.

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