130. Matins—Saturday

Summę Parens clementię.

FATHER of mercies infinite,
    Ruling all things that be,
Who, shrouded in the depth and height,
    Art One, and yet art Three;

Accept our chants, accept our tears,
    A mingled stream we pour;
Such stream the laden bosom cheers,
    To taste Thy sweetness more.

Purge Thou with fire the o'ercharged mind,
    Its sores and wounds profound;
And with the watcher's girdle bind
    The limbs which sloth has bound. {225}

That they who with their chants by night
    Before Thy presence come,
All may be fill'd with strength and light
    From their eternal home.

Grant this, O Father, etc.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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