146. Vespers—Wednesday

Cœli Deus sanctissime.

O LORD, who, thron'd in the holy height,
    Through plains of ether didst diffuse
        The dazzling beams of light,
            In soft transparent hues;

Who didst, on the fourth day, in heaven
    Light the fierce cresset of the sun,
        And the meek moon at even,
            And stars that wildly run;

That they might mark and arbitrate
    'Twixt alternating night and day,
        And tend the train sedate
            Of months upon their way; {255}

Clear, Lord, the brooding night within,
    And clean these hearts for Thy abode,
        Unlock the spell of sin,
            Crumble its giant load.

Grant it, O Father, Only Son,
    And Holy Spirit, God of grace,
        To whom all praise be done
            In every time and place.

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