113. Apostacy

FRANCE! I will think of thee as what thou wast,
    When Poictiers show'd her zeal for the true
Or in that age, when Holy Truth, though cast
    On a rank soil, yet was a thriving seed,
Thy schools within, from neighbouring countries
    E'en of thy pagan day I bear to read,
Thy Martyrs sanctified the guilty host,
The Sons of blessèd John, rear'd on a western

I dare not think of thee as what thou art,
    Lest thoughts too deep for man should trouble
It is not safe to place the mind and heart
    On brink of evil, or its flames to see, {191}
Lest they should dizzy, or some taint impart,
    Or to our sin a fascination be.
And so in silence I will now proclaim
Hate of thy present self, and scarce will sound thy
        name [Note].

Off the French coast
June 26, 1833.

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Vide note at page 153 [verse 98].
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