78. Sympathy

SOULS of the Just, I call not you
    To share this joy with me,
This joy and wonder at the view
    Of mountain, plain, and sea;

Ye, on that loftier mountain old,
    Safe lodged in Eden's cell,
Whence run the rivers four, behold
    This earth, as ere it fell.

Or, when ye think of those who stay
    Still tried by the world's fight,
'Tis but in looking for the day
    Which shall the lost unite. {137}

Ye rather, elder Spirits strong!
    Who from the first have trod
This nether scene, man's race among,
    The while you live to God,

Ye see, and ye can sympathize—
    Vain thought! their mighty ken
Fills height and depth, the stars, the skies,
    They smile at dim-eyed men.

Ah, Saviour! I perforce am Thine,
    Angel and Saint apart:
Those searching Eyes are all-divine,
    All-human is that Heart.

April 29, 1833.

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