32. Substance and Shadow

THEY do but grope in learning's pedant round,
    Who on the fantasies of sense bestow
    An idol substance, bidding us bow low
Before those shades of being which are found,
Stirring or still, on man's brief trial-ground;
    As if such shapes and moods, which come and go,
    Had aught of Truth or Life in their poor show,
To sway or judge, and skill to sane or wound.
Son of immortal seed, high-destined Man!
Know thy dread gift,—a creature, yet a cause:
Each mind is its own centre, and it draws
Home to itself, and moulds in its thought's span
All outward things, the vassals of its will,
Aided by Heaven, by earth unthwarted still.

December 7, 1832.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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