88. The Good Samaritan

          OH that thy creed were sound! [Note]
For thou dost soothe the heart, thou Church of
   By thy unwearied watch and varied round
Of service, in thy Saviour's holy home.
   I cannot walk the city's sultry streets,
   But the wide porch invites to still retreats,
Where passion's thirst is calm'd, and care's un-
       thankful gloom.

          There, on a foreign shore,
The home-sick solitary finds a friend:
   Thoughts, prison'd long for lack of speech, out-
Their tears; and doubts in resignation end. {154}
   I almost fainted from the long delay
   That tangles me within this languid bay,
When comes a foe, my wounds with oil and
       wine to tend.

13, 1833.

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Of course this is the exclamation of one who,
when so writing, was not in Catholic Communion.
The same must said also of Nos. lxvi, lxxviii.
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