162. The Queen of Seasons

{287} (A Song for an inclement May.)

ALL is divine

              which the Highest has made,

Through the days that He wrought,

              till the day when He stay'd;

Above and below,

              within and around,

From the centre of space,

              to its uttermost bound.

In beauty surpassing

              the Universe smiled,

On the morn of its birth,

              like an innocent child, {288}

Or like the rich bloom
              of some delicate flower;
And the Father rejoiced
              in the work of His power.

Yet worlds brighter still,
              and a brighter than those,
And a brighter again,
              He had made, had He chose;
And you never could name
              that conceivable best,
To exhaust the resources
              the Maker possess'd.

But I know of one work
              of his Infinite Hand,
Which special and singular
              ever must stand;
So perfect, so pure,
              and of gifts such a store,
That even Omnipotence
              ne'er shall do more. {289}

The freshness of May,
              and the sweetness of June,
And the fire of July
              in its passionate noon,
Munificent August,
              September serene,
Are together no match
              for my glorious Queen.

O Mary, all months
              and all days are thine own,
In thee lasts their joyousness,
              when they are gone;
And we give to thee May,
              not because it is best,
But because it comes first,
              and is pledge of the rest.

The Oratory

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