111. Semita Justorum

WHEN I look back upon my former race,
    Seasons I see at which the Inward Ray
    More brightly burn'd, or guided some new way;
Truth, in its wealthier scene and nobler space
Given for my eye to range, and feet to trace.
    And next I mark, 'twas trial did convey,
    Or grief, or pain, or strange eventful day,
To my tormented soul such larger grace.
So now, whene'er, in journeying on, I feel
The shadow of the Providential Hand,
Deep breathless stirrings shoot across my breast,
Searching to know what He will now reveal,
What sin uncloak, what stricter rule command,
And girding me to work His full behest.

At Sea
June 25, 1833.

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Newman Reader — Works of John Henry Newman
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