Sermons by Title



PPS3-1 Abraham and Lot
PPS4-4 Acceptance of Religious Privileges Compulsory
PPS5-21 Affliction, a School of Comfort
PPS6-3 Apostolic Abstinence a Pattern for Christians
SSD-19 The Apostolical Christian
PPS7-11 Attendance on Holy Communion
PPS3-11 Bodily Suffering
PPS8-4 The Call of David
F&P-3 The Calls of Grace
PPS2-7 Ceremonies of the Church
PPS4-7 Chastisement amid Mercy
PPS4-16 Christ Hidden from the World
PPS4-17 Christ Manifested in Remembrance
SPVO-9(1) Christ upon the Waters (1)
SPVO-9(2) Christ upon the Waters (2)
PPS2-13 Christ, a Quickening Spirit
PPS6-5 Christ, the Son of God Made Man
PPS6-4 Christ's Privations a Meditation for Christians
PPS1-26 Christian Manhood
SSD-11 Christian Nobleness
PPS3-7 Christian Repentance
PPS1-23 Christian Reverence
PPS5-9 Christian Sympathy
PPS2-31 Christian Zeal
SSD-14 The Christian Church a Continuation of the Jewish
SSD-16 The Christian Church an Imperial Power
PPS2-25 The Christian Ministry
PPS1-16 The Christian Mysteries
PPS4-12 The Church a Home for the Lonely
SSD-8 The Church and the World
PPS3-16 The Church Visible and Invisible
PPS4-11 The Communion of Saints
SSD-18 Condition of the Members of the Christian Empire
SSD-10 Connection between Personal and Public Improvement
OUS-7 Contest between Faith and Sight
PPS3-15 Contest between Truth and Falsehood in the Church
PPS3-8 Contracted Views in Religion
PPS6-7 The Cross of Christ the Measure of the World
PPS7-10 The Crucifixion
PPS8-5 Curiosity a Temptation to Sin
PPS3-21 The Daily Service
PPS2-30 The Danger of Accomplishments
PPS2-28 The Danger of Riches
SSD-4 Dangers to the Penitent
PPS6-8 Difficulty of Realizing Sacred Privileges
SPVO-5 Dispositions for Faith
PPS8-2 Divine Calls
PPS2-11 Divine Decrees
PPS8-11 Doing Glory to God in Pursuits of the World
PPS7-7 The Duty of Self-denial
PPS3-3 Early Years of David
SSD-24 Elijah the Prophet of the Latter Days
SSD-13 Elisha a Type of Christ and His Followers
PPS8-10 Endurance of the World's Censure
PPS5-20 Endurance, the Christian's Portion
PPS5-5 Equanimity
PPS6-11 The Eucharistic Presence
OUS-3 Evangelical Sanctity the Perfection of Natural Virtue
DMC-11 Faith and Doubt
SSD-6 Faith and Experience
PPS4-21 Faith and Love
PPS3-6 Faith and Obedience
DMC-10 Faith and Private Judgment
OUS-10 Faith and Reason, Contrasted as Habits of Mind
SSD-7 Faith and the World
PPS6-12 Faith the Title for Justification
PPS6-23 Faith without Demonstration
PPS2-2 Faith without Sight
PPS6-1 Fasting a Source of Trial
SSD-25 Feasting in Captivity
PPS6-14 The Fellowship of the Apostles
DMC-18 On the Fitness of the Glories of Mary
PPS1-20 Forms of Private Prayer
PPS4-18 The Gainsaying of Korah
PPS3-18 The Gift of the Spirit
DMC-17 The Glories of Mary for the Sake of Her Son
PPS2-8 The Glory of the Christian Church
PPS1-8 God's Commandments not Grievous
DMC-6 God's Will the End of Life
PPS3-22 The Good Part of Mary
PPS7-12 The Gospel Feast
PPS6-19 The Gospel Palaces
PPS6-9 The Gospel Sign Addressed to Faith
PPS2-17 The Gospel Witnesses
PPS2-22 The Gospel, a Trust Committed to Us
PPS4-14 The Greatness and Littleness of Human Life
SSD-23 Grounds for Steadfastness in Our Religious Profession
PPS2-27 Guilelessness
PPS1-1 Holiness Necessary for Future Blessedness
PPS2-26 Human Responsibility
OUS-8 Human Responsibility, as Independent of Circumstances
PPS3-12 The Humiliation of the Eternal Son
PPS8-18 Ignorance of Evil
DMC-9 Illuminating Grace
PPS1-2 The Immortality of the Soul
OUS-13 Implicit and Explicit Reason
PPS6-6 The Incarnate Son, a Sufferer and Sacrifice
PPS2-3 The Incarnation
PPS4-6 The Individuality of the Soul
SSD-9 Indulgence in Religious Privileges
PPS2-19 The Indwelling Spirit
PPS3-20 Infant Baptism
PPS7-16 Infant Baptism
F&P-9 The Infidelity of the Future
DMC-15 The Infinitude of the Divine Attributes
OUS-2 The Influence of Natural and Revealed Religion Respectively
SPVO-1 Intellect, the Instrument of Religious Training
PPS3-24 Intercession
PPS3-25 The Intermediate State
SSD-21 Invisible Presence of Christ
PPS4-13 The Invisible World
PPS8-8 Inward Witness to the Truth of the Gospel
PPS8-9 Jeremiah, a Lesson for the Disappointed
PPS3-5 Jeroboam
PPS3-13 Jewish Zeal, a Pattern to Christians
SSD-12 Joshua a Type of Christ and His Followers
PPS8-7 Josiah, a Pattern for the Ignorant
PPS6-13 Judaism of the Present Day
OUS-6 On Justice, as a Principle of Divine Governance
PPS4-23 Keeping Fast and Festival
PPS2-20 The Kingdom of the Saints (1)
PPS2-21 The Kingdom of the Saints (2)
PPS1-3 Knowledge of God's Will without Obedience
PPS7-1 The Lapse of Time
PPS5-11 The Law of the Spirit
PPS6-2 Lent the Season of Repentance
PPS2-5 Love of Relations and Friends
PPS7-13 Love of Religion, a New Nature
OUS-12 Love the Safeguard of Faith against Superstition
PPS5-23 Love, the One Thing Needful
PPS5-18 Many Called, Few Chosen
PPS2-4 Martyrdom
DMC-3 Men, not Angels, the Priests of the Gospel
PPS7-15 Mental Prayer
DMC-16 Mental Sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion
PPS2-6 The Mind of Little Children
PPS8-6 Miracles No Remedy for Unbelief
SPVO-12(1) The Mission of St. Philip Neri (1)
SPVO-12(2) The Mission of St. Philip Neri (2)
PPS4-3 Moral Consequences of Single Sins
PPS4-15 Moral Effects of Communion with God
PPS7-9 Moses the Type of Christ
PPS2-18 Mysteries in Religion
DMC-13 Mysteries of Nature and of Grace
PPS4-19 The Mysteriousness of Our Present Being
DMC-14 The Mystery of Divine Condescension
PPS5-7 The Mystery of Godliness
PPS6-24 The Mystery of the Holy Trinity
DMC-8 Nature and Grace
OUS-11 The Nature of Faith in Relation to Reason
DMC-2 Neglect of Divine Calls and Warnings
PPS5-12 The New Works of the Gospel
PPS1-18 Obedience the Remedy for Religious Perplexity
PPS8-14 Obedience to God the Way to Faith in Christ
PPS4-2 Obedience without Love, as Instanced in the Character of Balaam
PPS6-21 Offerings for the Sanctuary
SPVO-6 Omnipotence in Bonds
F&P-1 The Omnipotence of God the Reason for Faith
SPVO-11 Order, the Witness and Instrument of Unity
F&P-7 Our Lady in the Gospel
SSD-3 Our Lord's Last Supper and His First
SSD-22 Outward and Inward Notes of the Church
PPS3-9 A Particular Providence as Revealed in the Gospel
SSD-26 The Parting of Friends
PPS4-8 Peace and Joy amid Chastisement
PPS6-25 Peace in Believing
DMC-7 Perseverance in Grace
OUS-5 Personal Influence, the Means of Propagating the Truth
OUS-1 The Philosophical Temper, First Enjoined by the Gospel
SPVO-15 The Pope and the Revolution
PPS5-24 The Power of the Will
PPS2-29 The Powers of Nature
PPS7-4 The Praise of Men
F&P-4 Prejudice and Faith
F&P-2 Preparation for the Judgement
PPS5-19 Present Blessings
SSD-15 The Principle of Continuity between the Jewish and Christian Churches
PPS1-11 Profession without Hypocrisy
PPS1-12 Profession without Ostentation
PPS1-10 Profession without Practice
PPS1-13 Promising without Doing
DMC-12 Prospects of the Catholic Missioner
DMC-4 Purity and Love
PPS2-24 Rebuking Sin
PPS3-19 Regenerating Baptism
PPS4-5 Reliance on Religious Observances
PPS7-2 Religion a Weariness to the Natural Man
PPS7-14 Religion Pleasant to the Religious
PPS1-24 The Religion of the Day
SPVO-2 The Religion of the Pharisee, the Religion of Mankind
PPS2-16 Religious Cowardice
PPS1-14 Religious Emotion
PPS1-15 Religious Faith Rational
PPS8-17 Religious Joy
PPS3-23 Religious Worship a Remedy for Excitements
PPS1-9 The Religious Use of Excited Feelings
PPS5-6 Remembrance of Past Mercies
PPS1-21 The Resurrection of the Body
PPS8-1 Reverence in Worship
PPS5-2 Reverence, a Belief in God's Presence
PPS2-12 The Reverence Due to the Blessed Virgin Mary
PPS5-10 Righteousness Not of Us, but in Us
PPS6-15 Rising with Christ
SSD-2 Saintliness not Forfeited by the Penitent
DMC-5 Saintliness the Standard of Christian Principle
DMC-1 The Salvation of the Hearer the Motive of the Preacher
SSD-17 Sanctity the Token of the Christian Empire
PPS3-4 Saul
PPS2-14 Saving Knowledge
PPS1-25 Scripture a Record of Human Sorrow
PPS7-6 The Season of Epiphany
SPVO-10 The Second Spring
PPS2-10 Secrecy and Suddenness of Divine Visitations
PPS1-4 Secret Faults
SPVO-4 The Secret Power of Divine Grace
PPS2-15 Self-Contemplation
PPS1-5 Self-Denial the Test of Religious Earnestness
PPS1-17 The Self-Wise Enquirer
PPS8-16 The Shepherd of Our Souls
PPS5-4 Shrinking from Christ's Coming
PPS5-16 Sincerity and Hypocrisy
PPS1-7 Sins of Ignorance and Weakness
PPS5-15 Sins of Infirmity
PPS1-6 The Spiritual Mind
PPS6-10 The Spiritual Presence of Christ in the Church
SPVO-7 St. Paul's Characteristic Gift
PPS2-9 St. Paul's Conversion Viewed in Reference to His Office
SPVO-8 St. Paul's Gift of Sympathy
PPS4-9 The State of Grace
PPS5-8 The State of Innocence
PPS5-13 The State of Salvation
PPS7-18 Steadfastness in the Old Paths
F&P-8 Stewards and Also Sons of God
PPS4-1 The Strictness of the Law of Christ
PPS6-18 Subjection of the Reason and Feelings to the Revealed Word
PPS3-14 Submission to Church Authority
PPS8-15 Sudden Conversions
F&P-5 Surrender to God
PPS3-10 Tears of Christ at the Grave of Lazarus
PPS7-5 Temporal Advantages
PPS5-17 The Testimony of Conscience
OUS-15 The Theory of Developments in Religious Doctrine
PPS5-22 The Thought of God, the Stay of the Soul
SSD-5 The Three Offices of Christ
PPS1-19 Times of Private Prayer
PPS2-23 Tolerance of Religious Error
PPS5-14 Transgressions and Infirmities
SPVO-13 The Tree beside the Waters
PPS8-3 The Trial of Saul
PPS8-13 Truth Hidden When Not Sought After
PPS7-17 The Unity of the Church
PPS5-3 Unreal Words
PPS2-32 Use of Saints' Day
OUS-4 The Usurpations of Reason
PPS8-12 Vanity of Human Glory
PPS4-20 The Ventures of Faith
PPS3-17 The Visible Church an Encouragement to Faith
PPS4-10 The Visible Church for the Sake of the Elect
PPS6-20 The Visible Temple
PPS6-17 Waiting for Christ
SPVO-3 Waiting for Christ
PPS6-16 Warfare the Condition of Victory
PPS4-22 Watching
PPS6-22 The Weapons of Saints
PPS3-2 Wilfulness of Israel in Rejecting Samuel
OUS-9 Wilfulness, the Sin of Saul
SSD-20 Wisdom and Innocence
OUS-14 Wisdom, as Contrasted with Faith and with Bigotry
PPS1-22 Witnesses of the Resurrection
SSD-1 The Work of the Christian
SPVO-14 In the World, but not of the World
F&P-6 The World and Sin
PPS7-3 The World Our Enemy
PPS2-1 The World's Benefactors
PPS5-1 Worship, a Preparation for Christ's Coming
PPS7-8 The Yoke of Christ

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