Newman was accused during his life of regretting
his conversion to Catholicism, of being untruthful, of
rejecting papal infallibility, of being a skeptic, and of
being hyper-sensitive. His writings have been mis-
represented posthumously as being supportive of

    Essay by Bishop O'Dwyer (1908)
    Letter from Pope Pius X to Bishop O'Dwyer
        approving his essay (1908)

    The Contemporary Review Exchange (1885)
    Newman's Alleged Scepticism, Hutton (1891)

Papal Infallibility
    Miscellaneous citations by Newman (1872)
    The Vatican Council (1874)
    The Vatican Definition (1874)
    Papal Infallibility, chapter 27, Ward (1912)

    Apologia (1865)
    See also Topics: Truth

    Present Position of Catholics in England,
        pp. 243-247 (1851)
    Letter to the Duke of Norfolk - Postscript 
        pp. 348, 349 (1875)
    Letter to Rev. A. Spurrier,
        Ward, vol. 2, p. 526 (1886)

    Life of Bishop Ullathorne,
        Butler, vol. 2, pp. 312-314 (1926)
    The Mission of St. Philip, SPVO, 12-2
    St. Philip in his Disciples (Verses, No. 172.)

Principles in aid of understanding Newman's
theology, from E. D. Benard.


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