Transliteration from Greek

alpha Α, α A, a
beta Β, β B, b
gamma Γ, γ G, g
delta Δ, δ D, d
epsilon Ε, ε E, e
zeta Ζ, ζ Z, z
eta E E, e 1
theta Θ, θ Th, th
iota Ι, ι I, i
kappa Κ, κ K, k
lambda Λ, λ L, l
mu Μ, μ M, m
nu Ν, ν N, n
xi Ξ, ξ X, x
omicron Ο, ο O, o
pi Π, π P, p
rho Ρ, ρ R, r
sigma Σ, σ or ς   S, s
tau Τ, τ T, t
upsilon Υ, υ U, u; or Y, y
phi Φ, φ Ph, ph
chi Χ, χ Ch, ch
psi Ψ, ψ Ps, ps
omega Ω, ω O, o 1

γγ ng
γκ nk
γξ nx
γχ nch

1Underline used instead of macron (bar
above) because latter does not display on
some browsers.

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