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"It is my hope that this centenary will be for all of us an opportunity for studying more closely the inspiring thought of Newman's genius, which speaks to us of deep intellectual honesty, fidelity to conscience and grace, piety and priestly zeal, devotion to Christ's Church and love of her doctrine, unconditional trust in divine providence and absolute obedience to the will of God."-Pope John Paul II, 7 April 1979.

Source documents
Editorial notes


The purpose of Newman Reader (NR) is to make the written works of Cardinal Newman available in as complete and accessible a manner as resources allow. To this end, the site provides three types of content:

  • Written works themselves
  • Guides to the works such as indexes, lists and reading suggestions
  • Biographical information to supplement and provide perspective for the works
  • Statements from Popes and others that place Newman's life in perspective

These different features are provided primarily under works, guides, biographical information, and canonization.

Current Status

NR now provides the complete uniform edition of books published by Newman, plus miscellaneous shorter works.

Ward's and Mozley's biographical works are included because they tell the story of his life in detail, quoting copiously from his letters and notes. Hutton's short biography also is included.

Source Documents

The electronic copies provided here have been produced from the uniform edition edited by Cardinal Newman in his later years and reprinted by Longmans, Green around 1900-1910 (see the individual volumes for dates of printing). This collection is available in Pittsburgh, PA, at The National Institute of Newman Studies, and in the Washington, DC, area at several locations; viz. Mullen Library at Catholic University of America and the Library of Congress in Washington, and Reinsch Library at Marymount University in Arlington, VA.

Editorial Notes

Newman's works are presented as printed by Longmans, Green with the following minor editorial modifications:

  • Hyphens have been removed from some words (e.g., to-day changed to today)
  • Scripture citations given as footnotes in the printed editions are placed in brackets near the scripture quote (e.g., [Rom. iii. 7.])
  • Other footnotes are relocated to the end of sermon, chapter, etc.
  • Page numbers of books have been enclosed in curly brackets at the top of each page by (e.g., {308})
  • Section and subsection links have been added in some books to aid navigation
  • Greek quotations  have been transliterated (within square brackets, [ ], to identify them as editorial changes)
  • Titles and headings have been reformatted for uniformity


The following dedication was composed by Dr. Bob Elder, the creator of Newman Reader.  In 2003, Dr. Elder entrusted the care of Newman Reader to The National Institute for Newman Studies.  NINS is grateful for this extraordinary gift to the Newman cause, and we deeply appreciate Dr. Elder's vision and dedication.  It is an honor to be entrusted with the stewardship of such an important resource for Newman Studies.


This site is dedicated to

my wife, Cory,
 to whom I owe so much for her love and her faith

and to

Cardinal Newman,
 whose life and writings have meant so much to me as a Catholic convert.


For contributing several Newman works (including those most difficult to convert to electronic form), for transliterating Greek and Hebrew passages, and for providing continuing help and encouragement, I especially thank

Paul Zadik
of Sheffield, U.K.

Dave Armstrong introduced Paul to Newman Reader. I also thank Dan Meardon of Cary, NC, for his work on Volume 2 of Athanasius; Pablo Rodriguez for editorial help; and Brian Cardell and Katherine Abramovitz of Rare Books and Special Collections at Catholic University of America for their assistance. Questions and suggestions from several readers have helped to improve the content of the site.

Thanks to you all!


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