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Accessing Newman's Works

Building the collection has been first priority, so this aspect of the site is least developed at this point. However, several modes of accessing the Sermons already are given under Guides. Links to major Topics also are given there. An Index gives more general access to the works. Searches on key words are available through the Google search engine.

For those unfamiliar with Cardinal Newman, I suggest looking first under Biographical Information, and reading first the Biographical Essay from Catholic Encyclopedia and the Chronology. You might also read one of his short sermons, such as "Holiness Needed for Future Blessedness."

Among Newman's best known works are Development of Christian Doctrine, the Apologia, Idea of a University, Lead Kindly Light and Dream of Gerontius.

Three collections are given to assist those who want to sample Newman's writings. Copeland's "Selection" of Parochial and Plain Sermons (Anglican) provides sermons for throughout the Church year. O'Connell's Favorite sermons include sermons from both the Anglican and Catholic periods. Lilly's "Characteristics" provides a selection from Newman's Catholic writings.

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