Saints and Others




Abraham & Lot PPS3-1 Abraham and Lot
St. Andrew Apostle PPS2-1 The World's Benefactors
Balaam PPS4-2 Obedience without Love, as Instanced in the Character of Balaam
St. Barnabas Apostle PPS2-23 Tolerance of Religious Error
St. Bartholomew Apostle PPS2-27 Guilelessness
David PPS3-4 Early Years of David
David PPS8-4 The Call of David
Elijah SSD-24 Elijah the Prophet of the Latter Days
Elisha SSD-13 Elisha a Type of Christ and His Followers
Holy Innocents PPS2-6 The Mind of Little Children
St. James Apostle PPS2-26 Human Responsibility
Jeroboam PPS3-5 Jeroboam
Jeremiah PPS8-9 Jeremiah, a Lesson for the Disappointed
St. John Baptist PPS2-24 Rebuking Sin
St. John Evangelist PPS2-5 Love of Relations and Friends
Joshua SSD-12 Joshua a Type of Christ and His Followers
Josiah PPS8-7 Josiah, a Pattern for the Ignorant
Korah PPS4-18 The Gainsaying of Korah
St. Luke Evangelist PPS2-30 The Danger of Accomplishments
St. Mark Evangelist PPS2-16 Religious Cowardice
Blessed Virgin Mary PPS2-10 Secrecy and Suddenness of Divine Visitations
Blessed Virgin Mary PPS2-12 The Reverence Due to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Blessed Virgin Mary DMC-17 The Glories of Mary for the Sake of Her Son
Blessed Virgin Mary DMC-18 On the Fitness of the Glories of Mary
Mary of Bethany PPS3-22 The Good Part of Mary
St. Matthew Evangelist PPS2-28 The Danger of Riches
St. Matthias Apostle PPS2-11 Divine Decrees
St. Michael Archangel PPS2-29 The Powers of Nature
St. Monica SVO-1 Intellect, the Instrument of Religious Training
Moses PPS7-9 Moses the Type of Christ
St. Paul PPS2-9 St. Paul's Conversion Viewed in Reference to His Office
St. Paul SVO-7 St. Paul's Characteristic Gift
St. Paul SVO-8 St. Paul's Gift of Sympathy
St. Peter Apostle PPS2-25 The Christian Ministry
Sts. Philip & James Apostles PPS2-17 The Gospel Witnesses
St. Philip Neri SVO-12(2) The Mission of St. Philip Neri (2)
Samuel PPS3-2 Wilfulness of Israel and Rejecting Samuel
Saul PPS3-3 Saul
Saul PPS8-3 The Trial of Saul
Savonarola SVO-12(1) The Mission of St. Philip Neri (1)
Sts. Simon & Jude Apostles PPS2-31 Christian Zeal
St. Stephen Martyr PPS2-4 Martyrdom
St. Thomas Apostle PPS2-2 Faith without Sight

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