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    The National Institute for Newman Studies

The National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) provides resources for scholars dedicated to promoting the study and spreading the knowledge of the life, influence, and work of the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman. NINS furthers these ends by maintaining the Newman Research Library, sponsoring the Newman Scholarship Program, and publishing the Newman Studies Journal.

    The Birmingham OratoryNewman's Littlemore

Valuable information on the Oratory and Newman;
Br. Thomas Murphy of the Birmingham Oratory.

    Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman Mega-Links Page

Comprehensive collection of Newman links including Newman works, articles about Newman, etc.;
Dave Armstrong

    International Centre of Newman Friends

Founded in 1975 by The Spiritual Family The Work to make better known the life and works of John Henry Newman.

    New Advent

Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913 and works of Church Fathers;
Kevin Knight.

    Project Canterbury

Provides a wealth of biographical information and texts about persons associated with the Oxford Movement, including Richard Hurrell Froude, John Keble, Edward Bouverie Pusey, Isaac Williams, Frederick Denison Maruice, and Charlotte Yonge.  Of particular interest are Henry Parry Liddon's Life of Edward Bouverie Pusey and The Autobiography of Isaac Williams. Also available is a "Timeline of the Oxford Movement."


Project Gutenberg

Contains items of interest to Newmanists, in particular, R. W. Church's The Oxford Movement, which is also available at Project Canterbury, and the second volume of Robert Ornsby's Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott.

Biographical Works

Anne Mozley, editor, Letters and Correspondence of John Henry Newman [to 1845], 2 volumes, London, 1890. 

    Includes brief autobiography. Commissioned by Newman.*

Henri Bremond, Newman: Essai de biographie psychologique, Paris, 1906; translated by H. C. Corrance as The Mystery of Newman, with an introduction by George Tyrrell, London, 1907.

    Considered misleading, helped to propagate view of Newman as isolated, lonely. Bremond had no access to original sources.*

Wilfrid Ward, The Life of John Henry Cardinal Newman based on His Private Journals and Correspondence, 2 volumes, London, 1912.

    The classic life of Newman, presenting him mainly as a thinker and writer. Contributed to the picture of Newman as sad and over-sensitive. Concentrates on Newman's life as Catholic.*

Louis Bouyer, Newman: se vie, sa spiritualité, Paris 1952; translated by J. L. May in 1958.

    Influential in the introduction of Newman's cause for canonization. Newman's spirituality.*

Meriol Trevor, Newman: The Pillar of the Cloud [to 1853] and Newman: Light in Winter, London, 1962.

    Complements Ward's portrait of Newman as thinker and writer by focusing on Newman's personality, character, active and practical life.*

Meriol Trevor, Newman's Journey, 1974 (Great Britain) and 1985 (USA).

    Abridgment of the two-volume work.

Joyce Sugg, Snapdragon: The Story of John Henry Newman, 1964 (Great Britain) and 1982 (USA).

    For "young adults."

Charles Stephen Dessain, John Henry Newman, London, 1966.

    A brief intellectual biography by the editor of Newman's Letters and Diaries.*

C. Stephen Dessain et al., editors, Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman, 31 volumes, 1961 and later [vols. 11-31, Catholic years, published first; vols. 1-10, Anglican years, published later.]

    A primary source on Newman's life and motivations.*

Vincent Ferrer Blehl, Pilgrim Journey: John Henry Newman 1801-1845, London, 2001.

    Explores Newman's growth in holiness.

* Comments based on report of the Relator of the Cause, volume II, Rome 1989, copyright Vincent Ferrer Blehl, S.J.


    Oxford University Press (UK and Europe) OUP-USA

    Ignatius Press

Parochial & Plain Sermons; Prayers, Verses, Devotions; etc.

    University of Notre Dame Press

Oxford University Sermons; Development of Christian Doctrine; Idea of a University; etc.

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    Catholic University of America

    Library of Congress

    Georgetown University

    National Institute for Newman Studies

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