Official Notice

Translation of the official notice of the Pope's intention to confer on Dr. Newman the Cardinal's Hat:

'(From the Vatican): March 15, 1879.
'Very Rev. Father,-The Holy Father deeply appreciating the genius and learning which distinguish you, your piety, the zeal displayed by you in the exercise of the Holy Ministry, your devotion and filial attachment to the Holy Apostolic See, and the signal services you have for long years rendered to religion, has decided on giving you a public and solemn proof of his esteem and good-will. And to this end he will deign to raise you to the honours of the Sacred Purple, in the next Consistory, the precise day of which will be notified to you in due time.

'In forwarding you this joyful announcement by its fitting and prescribed channel, I cannot refrain from congratulating your Paternity on seeing your merits rewarded in so splendid a manner by the august Head of the Church, and I rejoice in heart that I shall very soon have you as a colleague in the Sacred Senate, of which you will not fail to be one of the chief ornaments.

'Accept, I entreat you, this expression of my regard, and at the same time the assurance of the particular esteem with which I sign myself,
'Of your Very Rev. Paternity,
(From the Vatican,)
The true servant,

[from Ward, vol. 2, pp. 582-583]

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