Quotation from
Augustine of Hippo
Encyclical Letter of His Holiness Pope Pius XI

When our saint, therefore, in refutation of the Donatists who dared to confine the true Church of Christ within the narrow bounds of a corner of Africa, maintained the universality or "catholicity" of a Church in which all men may find the help and protection of the aids of Divine grace, he rightly closed his reasoning with these solemn words: "The decision is sure in which the world concurs." [1] The reading of this phrase, not so very long ago, influenced to such a degree a man of high fame and noble nature, that he did not tarry long in entering the one Fold of Christ." [2]

[Translation by Rev. Thomas A. Becker, S.J., in The Catholic Mind, vol. 28, No. 17, September 8, 1930, p. 342.]


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Recte igitur noster, Donatistis, qui veram Christi Ecclesiam ad quendam Africae angulum contrahere et coangustare auderent, cum obiecisset atque opposuisset umiversitatem seu, ut aiunt, catholicitatem Ecclesiae ad omnes homines pertinentis divinae gratiae auxiliis adiuvandos ac muniendos, argumentationem per sollemnia illa verba concludebat: "Securus iudicat orbis terrarum", [1] quorum lectio, haud ita pridem, animum praeclari cuiusdam nobilissimique viri ita pepulit, ut is in unicum Christi ovile ingredi haud diu multumque dubitarit. [2]

[Acta Apostolicae Sedis, vol. 22, 1 May 1930, p. 211.]


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