Appendix to Chapter 2

The following is the pedigree of the family of Fourdrinier referred to at p. 28:

Henri Fourdrinier (said to have been an Admiral of France and to have been subsequently created a Viscount).
Henri Fourdrinier, born at Caen in Normandy, circa 1615

Louis Grolleau of Caen aforesaid, and
subsequently of Gronigen aforesaid.
Henri Fourdrinier, born at Caen aforesaid circa 1658; left France and settled in Gronigen in Holland.
Louis Grolleau, born circa 1662; naturalised in England 8 March, 1682; died 26 Dec. 1715; buried at Wandsworth Cemetery, Co. Surrey. 

= Marie du Fay, married 1686; buried as 'Mary  Grolleau, widow (aged) 69,' 8 Feb. 1729, at Wandsworth aforesaid.
Paul Fourdrinier, born at Gronigen aforesaid 20 Dec. 1698; buried at Wandsworth Cemetery aforesaid 10 Feb. 1758. Admon. to his son Henry, 18 Feb. 1758 (P.C.C.).
= Susanna, born 11 July, 1693; married 5 Oct. 1721; died 15 and buried at Wandsworth  aforesaid 22 Nov. 1746 ('22 Nov. 1746,
Susanna, wife of Mr. Paul Fourdrinier of St. Martins in ye Fields
(aged) 55.' Wandsworth Register).
Henry Fourdrinier of Lombard Street, Citizen and Draper of London; born 25 Feb. 1730; died at his house at Stamford Grove 11 Jan. 1799; buried in St. Mary Woolnoth. M.I. there. Will dated 6 Dec. 1796; proved P.C.C. 23 Jan. 1799. (83 Howe.) 2nd husband.

= Jemima White (widow of ... Manning), born 11 March, 1730; died 5 Sept., 1781; buried at St. Mary Woolnoth aforesaid.
Charles Fourdriner ... and Other issue

John Newman of Mansion House Street,
City, only son of John Newman of Lombard Street.
= Jemima, born 19 Nov. 1772; married at St. Mary's Church, Lambeth, 29 Oct. 1799; died 17 and buried 21 May, 1836, at St. Mary's Church, Littlemore, Co. Oxford. M.I. there.
John Henry Newman,  eldest son, born 21 Feb. and baptized at St. Benet Fink, in the City of London, 9 April, 1801. Scholar of Trinity College, M.A. of the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Oriel. Vicar of St. Mary's, Oxford. Created Cardinal Deacon of St. George in Velabro, 12 May, 1879; died at the Oratory, Edgbaston, Birmingham, 11 Aug., and buried at Rednal, Co. Warwick, 19 Aug. 1890. M.I.

Other issue

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